You talking to me?

Do you design and run workshops and/or a regular strategic process?
Do you firefight your client/organisation's Big Strategic Problem?
Do you value every minute of your participants' time?

Are you suffering from a 'Knowledge Management Crisis' in your work?
Are you drowning in stickynotes and delivering reports weeks in arrears?
Are you getting follow-up business or other signs your process is embedded and valued?

Go on... what you got?, our collective intelligence platform
for crowdsourcing knowledge about your organisation and the context it operates in.

On this platform, we help you build, refine, and leverage the knowledge in your (clients') organisations, in a sequence/flow of your choosing (we have template Knowledge Flows™ to help you too)

It can be used to deliver 'multi-participant' workshops in person and online, or in 'solo mode' for ongoing work within a process (e.g. innovation funnel, strategy pre-work)

Why should I listen?

Because we're different in several important ways (we think):

Knowledge-first approach : We help curate knowledge - small is beautiful, refinements are great, and bigger is not better (so we're just not into vast unfathomable data can keep your sparse matrices, thank you :) )

Academically-backed, by Cambridge academic, leader of field. Being based in Cambridge (UK) has its perks. We're delighted to have an academic advisor from the Institute for Manufacting (aka 'IfM', part of Engineering at Cambridge University) on board as an academic advisor

Battle-tested in semiconductor industry. Nolojy's founder spent 20 years in the semiconductor world and was mesmerised by how 'un-joined-up' things are in a corporation. Coded up and even deployed some precursor ideas at ARM 2012-2016.

Ok, interesting, but...

...Who else is using it?

(aka I don't want to be the first

It's currently being used in a few selected scenarios, but it has been out there in the real world, helping workshops

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